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Guiding metrics to show what works. Hospitals can use Metrics to determine best practices and evolve better practices
AnatomicsRx is pioneering community-based personalised healthcare and invites you to explore our "personalised healthcare platform".

About Metrics

Metrics is web-based software that collects data for future analysis, aggregation, manipulation and presentation. Metrics will provide insight, measurement, KPIs and benchmarks targeted to the needs of stakeholders and users of AnatomicsRx.
Metrics will collect data from multiple sources in various formats, and map this data into a standardised format. Data analysis of hospital processes will then be available as formatted reports, allowing hospital staff and management to have insights into key business systems, implement controls and improvements, resulting in increased efficiency and value.
Metrics will allow hospitals to:

  • Monitor expenditure and implement cost saving techniques without diminishing the standard of care.
  • Report on patient experiences and outcomes to deliver feedback and critical assessment, demonstrating the areas that require improvement.
  • Report on best practices and improvement techniques.
  • Compare performance of hospital staff and surgeons and implement KPIs to manage individual performance thereby improving the standard of care offered to patients.
  • Educate hospital staff to deliver improvements in the healthcare provided.
  • Deliver effective, efficient and top quality healthcare that is affordable and sustainable.

Metrics can also be integrated with other AnatomicsRx products to collate data produced by those products in a standard format, thereby allowing their full integration into an overall hospital management tool.


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