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An internal innovation platform that facilitates communication and prioritisation of ideas.
AnatomicsRx is pioneering community-based personalised healthcare and invites you to explore our "personalised healthcare platform".

About Serendipity

Serendipity is the AnatomicsRx platform that explores opportunities to innovate. Serendipity acts as a 'forum' for stakeholders to propose ideas for the ongoing development of AnatomicsRx products, medicine and science.

As an interactive tool, Serendipity assists the generation and recording of ideas for innovation. The platform allows stakeholders to propose, view and rank ideas dependent on the value the stakeholder believes the idea offers. AnatomicsRx will review these ideas and determine what, if any, innovation opportunities can be developed.

The underlying aim is to integrate and involve stakeholders in research and development. Serendipity will allow users to be at the core of AnatomicsRx going forward and promote large scale innovation within the medical and scientific spheres. AnatomicsRx will receive feedback direct from the users and integrate ideas into subsequent research and development projects, thereby providing collaborative involvement from each stakeholder.


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