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The use of data from implantable and wearable devices to formulate therapeutic interventions.
AnatomicsRx is pioneering community-based personalised healthcare and invites you to explore our "personalised healthcare platform".

About Synchronicity

Synchronicity records and monitors information captured directly from devices implanted within patients into therapeutic algorithms to produce real time patient monitoring on an ongoing basis. It then transmits the data to the main server via the patient's phone. The aim is to develop a system whereby hospital staff can determine necessary interventions in the patients care to diagnose and treat patient cases more effectively and for remote monitoring of the patient to reduce the time the patient needs to remain in hospital.

Currently, AnatomicsRx and its partners are developing DuraShield® and InSync™.

  • DuraShield is an ultra-thin silicon micro sensor sheet that is used after neurosurgery for stroke and trauma. Critical data regarding brain pressure, temperature, oxygenation and electrical activity are captured and transmitted.

  • InSync is an implantable telemetric device that allows non-invasive transfer of data to and from an external electronic device providing therapeutical monitoring of patients in real time.

Synchronicity software processes this patient specific information so that therapeutic interventions may be planned and implemented. Numerous other implanted devices and sensors can be integrated into the Synchronicity platform by the user. No technical support or changes will be needed.


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