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You can download the skeleton of the thought to be extinct thylacine, known as the Tamanian Tiger, here
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About Diversity

Diversity is an education, research and innovation tool, utilised by subscribers, who are able to view BioModels online and print them out at Anatomics Solution Centres and Curiosity Spaces.

Diversity offers schools, universities and other institutions with a new method of engaging and educating the next generation of healthcare professionals by utilising Real Virtuality.

Diversity offers the capacity to upload and download 3D BioModels from all facets of the healthcare and biological sciences, including medical instruments, human replacement parts, specialised tools & instruments, scanned anatomical, anthropological, veterinary and biological data. Anatomics Diversity has been deployed in veterinary and museology.

Diversity is a web-based archive and database, consisting of BioModel 'build codes' created for the biological sciences. The build codes are uploaded by the relevant stakeholder and catalogued for access by AnatomicsRx subscribers. AnatomicsRx currently has access to over 4,000 build codes.

Diversity will enable healthcare professionals, students and researchers to learn and innovate with tools and on line assistance to design new ideas, devices, tools and techniques.

Subscribers are able to upload their creations and share these with selected users or the public at large, thereby creating an interactive and social innovation tool which brings together all stakeholders, allowing them to participate and further the development of BioModelling.