AnatomicsRx is pioneering community-based personalised healthcare and invites you to explore our "personalised healthcare platform".

Why community based personalised healthcare?

This personalised healthcare platform enables healthcare professionals to access patient data in real time and interpret that data to formulate specific therapeutic strategies for their patients. During therapy outcomes are continuously evaluated to benchmark efficacy and create feedback to enhance future treatment. The platform is able to efficiently share information with all healthcare stakeholders and encourages innovative problem solving. Additionally, community schools and hospitals will be able to work with Anatomics to promote learning and value-based healthcare outcomes.

Community based personalised healthcare is a new way of thinking about the delivery of healthcare. Anatomics wants to deliver healthcare to communities that is relevant to those communities. We want to enable doctors, students, and healthcare providers to be interactive in their daily work and educational pursuits.

No two people are the same and mass-produced products don't suit everybody. Anatomics is planning the introduction of disruptive and enabling technology into hospitals and schools to let people make things that are medically relevant and therapeutic to individuals, and to let them create solutions that are useful for them.

AnatomicsRx enables creativity in the community. We want healthcare professionals to design things and make things that are relevant to their practices. And we want schools and universities to use this information, to create ideas and to share those ideas with people all around the world.

In a digitally connected world, communities can benefit now in a way that they never could before.

Mr Paul S. D'Urso, Founder and Executive Chairman of Anatomics.

Anatomics is a medical technology company that has been manufacturing high-quality medical devices, prosthetics and software solutions since 1996. Anatomics pioneered CT scan derived surgical implant technology and was first to market with innovative, quality products that assisted surgeons to produce better surgical outcomes and, importantly, more efficiently.

How can AnatomicsRx help you

We assist medical professionals to deliver quality personalised care to patients. Anatomics is integrating distributed manufacturing into hospitals, universities and schools. Healthcare professionals can now improve patient outcomes, create efficiency, reduce waste, and produce sustainable value-based outcomes.

Anatomics work with patients, government, and insurers to ensure that a cost effective and sustainable healthcare system is affordable and available to all people. We assist schools and universities to teach skills and create ideas to improve healthcare.

This integrated platform has five parts:

  • Solutions   is a 'therapeutic workflow portal' that allows doctors to plan, design and order manufactured patient specific therapy. This may be surgical devices, prosthetics, drugs and biologics. Such products may be additively or mass manufactured..
  • Synchronicity   uses data from implantable and wearable devices to formulate therapeutic interventions and to remotely monitor patients.
  • Diversity   houses an interactive library of digital case studies and solutions.
  • Metrics   provides guiding metrics to show what works. Hospitals, insurers, government and healthcare professionals can use Metrics to determine best practices, and to develop better practices.
  • Serendipity   an internal innovation platform that facilitates creativity, communication and prioritisation of ideas.


In the media


Save Time and Improve Outcomes of Spinal Fusion Surgery

  Fri, 8 Nov 2019
Spinal surgery is a complicated procedure requiring an extensive and costly support network. Anatomics’ SpineBox™ method of pre-planning surgery and of manufacturing customized devices has the potential to realize significant time and cost benefits for the healthcare system. The streamlined procedure and solution not only improve the patient outcomes, they also reduce the risk of infection, as well as the strain on central sterile services departments (CSSD).

3D prosthesis pioneer a man of many parts

  Tue, 11 Apr 2017
Paul d'Urso admits this, but not many of his peers unwind like he does: running medical technology company Anatomics, which has developed state-of-the-art, patient-specific implants and prostheses, as well as software that facilitates their design and 3D-printing.D'Urso estimates that he works 50 hours a week as a neurosurgeon and 50 hours a week running Anatomics, six days a week."I believe in what I'm doing. I've always thought that it's part of my job as a doctor to make things better for my patients," he says.

ULIO 3D printer is almost entirely 3D printed

  Mon, 8 Aug 2016
Aimed squarely at the education space, ULIO (due to launch on Indigogo 9th August 2016). By maximizing the amount of 3D printed parts, they aim to optimize the appeal of 3D printing itself. "At ULIO 3D we love helping passionate teachers get involved in 3D printing and achieve amazing things. We would like to share our passion by helping you 3D print colorful, upgradeable, affordable and easy to assemble 3D printers for your students," the ULIO team said.

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