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About Solutions

Solutions allows our Solution Centres to manage their workflow and to link in to our Solution Hubs and other suppliers of medical additive printing solutions and prosthetics suppliers. Solutions is a new, revolutionary, workflow management portal that streamlines processes to improve efficiency and saving on hospital resources and costs.

There are two key areas in which Solutions can be implemented, these are:

  • Patient case management.

  • Hospital process management.

As a patient case management tool, Solutions aids in the management of the whole process from initial referral to post-operative care. Solutions provides a step by step surgical planning tool where the surgeon selects the intended procedure and construct a patient specific solution. The platform recommends associated logistics and solution supplies whilst enabling the surgeon to input, vary, or override the requirements before ordering.

The Solution Centre receives the surgeon's instructions in real time and for the Solution Centre to print acrylic solutions such as biomodels and surgical templates.

As a hospital process management tool, Solutions can be used to manage other hospital processes, for example, data can be utilised to demonstrate the cost to waste ratio in surgical procedures.

The aim is to streamline the hospital processes to increase efficiency leading to decreased costs. Solutions integrates all steps involved in the process and increases the ease of access to and management of the process from end to end. Solutions in effect offers a 'one stop shop' for hospital staff needs and reduces the requirements for manual form filling, ordering and monitoring.

Through effective management of the processes above, Solutions will build up to become a searchable knowledge library of solutions, innovations and case studies. This library may be accessed and interactively modified to facilitate education, simulation and reward users.

Solutions provides through a dedicated Solutions Centre within the hospital allowing access to the portal by approved hospital staff and surgeons.


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